21st of June 2018 the fourth edition of the Meetup event took place at Digimonks in the industrial building with the name “Klokgebouw”.
The event was hosted by Erik Driessen (Team Lead Data Technology at Greenhouse Group. Blogger at The Marketing Technologist), who opened the evening with a short talk about the Meetup event and the increase in the number of participants.

The first speaker of the evening was Johan de Groot, Data visualist & analyst / Tableau consultant at AntiChaos. Johan showed the history of Data visualization and also told that data can be visualized in different ways. Think for example of a pie chart, which is ‘not done’, bar charts or a box plot. The mainly message was that data should be presented in a well-organized manner with a correct title, axes. In other words, as Johan said; “Less is more!”.

The follow-up speaker of the evening was; Erdinç Saçan (Sr. Lecturer at Fontys University of Applied Sciences). Erdinç told about the contents of the minor Digital Marketing.
Minor Digital Marketing tries to train future digital marketers. Students do not receive written exams, they have a free schedule and they work intensively with the business community. In addition to the fact that the students have a busy program, they also have a nice timetable. They start at 10:00 am, who would not want that? One of his students, Maria Terzopoulos, told about her experiences from the minor. She learned about different Digital Marketing subjects but also ran two projects. One for Secura, a security company where she did some research about e-mail marketing. And the other project she ran was for Communiteers, where she did some research about content optimization, SEO. Maria can say that she had developed herself as a true online marketing expert / ICT-Nerd.

The evening was closed by the two gentlemen; Niels Jacobs (Creative at Mr. Jacobs) and Maarten Kraaij (Founding partner CMO Digimonks, Co-founder iLocate). It was an interactive session with a discussion about how creative concepts and data can reinforce each other.

After the presentations, there was some time for networking. It was a successful evening with great shared experiences in the field of Digital. Do you want to learn something new or do you want to share one of your experiences in the field of Digital? Then visiting a MeetUp event is a must!